Custom Software for Shed Salesman

Eric Hunsberger was snowed under in paperwork when we first started working together.

He was fed up with always trudging through the too-typical days when he lost a piece of paperwork, misplaced a customer’s phone number, or forgot about another project when he estimated a customer’s shed delivery date.

Eric knew there had to be a better way–a solution that would allow him to manage this workflow without adding more complexity to his already crazy life.

That’s when he sat down with our team to discuss options.

When we talk with a potential client, we always begin with trying to understand the business processes, systems, and workflows. Every successful business has these, whether they’ve articulated them or not. Although software can never replace healthy business systems, when it’s built to fit into the existing business, it becomes a strong support for the business systems.

Eric explained the entire sales and fulfillment process, from the inbound call, the bids and proposals, the signed agreements, the build schedule, and the delivery process. We clarified as many details as possible, identifying areas in the business with unclear expectations and responsibilities.

Eric also stressed the importance of networking the solution. He wanted to be able to use his tablet to access his information on-site as well as be able to expand the solution to multiple sales offices. We assured him our entire solution is a native web solution (no Flash, no Java, no extra software to install), and it’s designed to work on a cellular data network.

It didn’t take long for Eric to start seeing the measurable benefits of the system. Most importantly, he started having peace of mind with his work, eliminating many of the small yet challenging issues that pulled him away from his most important work–making sales.

If the crew had questions, he could simply pull up the invoice on his computer and have the details in front of him. They didn’t have to wait in his office for 10 minutes while he wrapped up his sales call. They knew exactly what they needed to build, and they could build it.

He could see his work orders and could accurately estimate when a shed was going to be delivered. He was also able to see when his sales pipeline started drying up.

However, that wasn’t the only benefit.

When customers needed financing, he could work with them to determine their ideal monthly payment, automatically calculating the cash down-payment required based on the interest rates. He could automatically generate the rent-to-own agreement with the custom financing options. When a customer needed custom windows, he could easily review the prices without needing to call his manufacturer. Better yet, he could easily add more options as needed.

If he needed to reach out to any lead, new customer, or past customer, he could easily find them and review all their order details. When he wanted to follow up, it only took a few clicks, not a few minutes of shuffling through stacks of papers to find the invoice.

Because this was a web solution, he never had to worry about running backups or computer upgrades. He simply needed to make sure he had a functioning tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

With a little help, Eric was able to crawl out from under that paperwork snow-bank and start getting results. Because of this, he was able to help many more people get the sheds they needed and simplify their lives.